Invisible Glass Wipes

Invisible Glass Wipes


Now get the superior cleaning power of Invisible
Glass in a convenient, disposable glass wipe.

Invisible Glass Wipes clean remarkably fast,
leaving no streaks, no haze, and no residue!


Invisible Glass Wipes have been engineered
with a multi-component formula that’s more
powerful than other wipes. They quickly remove
oily dirt, dust, fingerprints, sap, bugs,
droppings, grease, smudges, pollutants and
other difficult grime.

Invisible Glass has been formulated for ease of
use and to work as quickly as possible, without
sacrificing performance. Other glass wipes
contain scents, soaps and water. These
inexpensive ingredients often remove just basic
dirt and leave a streaky residue.

Invisible Glass Wipes contain NO soaps or scents.
The cleaner evaporates quickly and completely,
leaving glass clean and clear with NO streaks,
haze or residue.

Each Invisible Glass Wipe is saturated with
highly effective glass cleaner. Gently wipe the
surface to lift and remove grime.

Glass Wipes are great for fast touch-up
jobs in the kitchen and bathroom. The large 7 x
12” size is 33% larger than other brands, making
them easier to hold and clean more surface area.

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