Invisible Glass Cleaner

Invisible Glass Cleaner



Invisible Glass Cleaner cleans all glass in the
home leaving NO streaks, NO haze and NO residue.

Clean windows, mirrors, shower screens and glass
oven doors quickly and easily.

Invisible Glass has a unique ClearDry™ formula
that’s stronger than ordinary glass cleaners.
This unique blend of cleaning agents dries
quickly, works faster and leaves no streaks.

Other glass cleaners contain dyes, scents,
soaps and water. These inexpensive ingredients
often remove only basic dirt and leave streaky
residue which is difficult or impossible to

Invisible Glass contains NO soaps,
foams, scents, or dyes. It evaporates quickly
and completely, leaving glass clean and clear.

In the kitchen, Invisible Glass easily removes
oily dirt and grease. Fingerprints, smears and
pet slobber are quickly cleaned from glass doors
and windows. When used in the bathroom or on
shower screens, Invisible Glass effortlessly
removes sap, bugs and extra tough grime.

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